Sneem Black Pudding

‘Sneem Black Pudding’ is a traditional blood pudding unique to the village of Sneem in the Iveragh Peninsula in South Kerry on the extreme southwest of Ireland. Sneem Black Pudding has a deep red-brown colour when raw.

Our unique method

rich, earthy base flavour

Sneem Black Pudding is a tradition of the area for numerous generations. I am extremely fortunate to have inherited our family recipe and continue to produce this unique product. Our pudding can be found in restaurants and hotels all over Ireland. It can be purchased locally at our shop and through craft butchers; Millers Meats, Cahirciveen and T. Cronin and Sons in Killarney.

In 2019 Sneem Black Pudding was granted Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) Status by the EU. The idea of PGI Status was initiated by Michael Gleeson, of Gleeson Rural Development, in 2016.

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A protected geographical indication is a sign used on goods that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities, reputation, or characteristics that are essentially attributable to that place of origin. Michael’s observant eye noted that there were two producers of Sneem Black Pudding, myself, Peter O’Sullivan, and also Kieran Burns. Without Michael’s expertise and determination to apply and proceed with the PGI, we would not have achieved this distinctive status.

Having two quality products has enabled us to reach twice as many people as we would have on our own. We each have our own stamp on Sneem Black Pudding, as any family would have years ago, but we both source quality ingredients and stick to a traditional method passed down for generations in the making of the pudding. If you were to ask who was the first to produce Sneem Black Pudding, it would be like asking, which was the first raindrop to fall from the sky. It is a product of Sneem and its history

delivers on its promise
of earthy flavours

Sneem Black Pudding has a smooth almost mousse-like texture when compared with most other Irish black puddings, giving it an exceptionally smooth mouth feel. When cooked, as recommended, over a high heat for a short period, the resulting black pudding should have a slightly crisp surface, contrasting with its smooth centre.

As a result of the diverse, hill and mountain grazing environments of the livestock which provide the blood and suet for the product, Sneem Black Pudding has, in its raw form, a sweet, floral bouquet that complements a rich, earthy base flavour. A flavour combination which has been knitted together gently through the local craft of hand production in small batches and slow, gradual baking in trays.

The following ingredients are used in the production of ‘Sneem Black Pudding’; Beef and/or Lamb Suet – Oatmeal – Onions – Sheep or Cow or Pigs Blood – Water -Seasoning & Spices. It must be free from artificial colours, flavours, bulking agents, and preservatives. The product is un-cased, and tray baked (not boiled) in trays and is commonly sold in blocks.

Sneem Black Pudding has a distinctively sweet, earthy smell with hints of herbs and peat. The mouth feel of the product is smoother than most other black puddings, while being lighter and less clawing than, for example, meat pâtés. When correctly cooked, the product should have a crispy surface with a light paste interior.

In taste, Sneem Black Pudding delivers on its promise of earthy flavours. Sparing and considered use of herbs and seasoning allow the natural flavour of the fresh blood and suet to dominate and give a flavour not unlike the smell one gets when walking in the heather mountains and pastures where the animals graze.

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